Buying a License

Client Account or Visitor

Any visitor can purchase an image license without having to open an account.  Name, address and email will be required but the information is not stored. Advantages of a client account include: need to enter personal information once only, record of past orders, more flexibility with lightboxes. To open an account go to Client Login on the main menu, enter email address and six character password. Click on email link to activate the account.

A note on image size and format: raw images are edited through LightRoom to 16-bit tiff master files, compressed to highest quality 8-bit jpegs, then captioned and keyworded with PhotoMechanic for upload. Enlarged images are tagged in these sizes: total pixels, uncompressed megabytes, pixel dimensions width x height, and image print size in inches and centimeters at 300 ppi.

Select Image

Images are arranged in galleries according to location and can be collected in a lightbox for sharing and review. Every image has a unique file name, is accurately captioned and keyworded to be easily searchable. A few images are cropped so check that the pixel size is adequate for your use.

Select License Usage Terms

Click the Buy button or $ sign on or near an image then choose the appropriate license, Print or Electronic. The print license has the option for additional e-use of the corresponding printed version. Select usage terms to determine the license fee.  Contact me with any questions.

Review Your Order

Click on Add to Cart then View Cart to review the image and license terms, edit if necessary. Click the Checkout button.  If you are a visitor without an account you will need to enter name, address, email and check the box indicating you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions of the license. (This information is not saved and does not constitute creating an account). Click Review Order for a final review of your order and personal information, then click the Order button.
If you have an account and have logged in, click View Cart to review the image, license terms and personal information, edit if necessary.  Make sure to check acceptance of Terms and Conditions then click Order button.

You will receive an email request for print or electronic publication name and date or website address where the image will be used, together with credit line preference. Credit line on electronic media to be "" on or near the image; on print media to include "Paul Skelcher" on or near the image or on the credit page.  A follow-up link to the payment page is followed by immediate image delivery after payment by PayPal, credit card or debit card, otherwise image delivery follows confirmation of payment by check.

On the payment page choose between  Payment by PayPal, Credit Card or Debit Card and Payment by Check. Payment through PayPal triggers immediate delivery of your order, payment by check results in delivery once payment is confirmed.

Delivery of jpeg image(s), license, and copy of Terms and Conditions, is via a download link or zip file depending on number and size of images.

Terms and Conditions
Please carefully read the short and simple legal language that essentially states: you are responsible for ensuring you have selected the image you need; Paul Skelcher is the copyright owner of the image(s); license rights are not granted until payment is received in full; digital use on any and every social media site is not permitted; removal of embedded metadata-containing caption, license, contact and copyright information is against the law; acceptance means payment is due whether you decide to use the image(s) or not; published images to be accompanied by credit line; changes to the image(s) are limited to cropping, contrast, color and brightness; you will not hold me responsible for any problems arising from your use of the image(s); there are no model or property releases and the license is not transferable to a third party. Again, please read the full text for yourself.

These terms form part of the license which specifies some boundaries of image usage, and acceptance needs to be checked off in the box on the My Cart page before continuing with the order.